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Monday, August 29, 2016
GTU Project Training Guidelines



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General Guidelines for the GTU Project – I & II ( B.E Semester 7th & 8th)

Following are the General guidelines:

  1. Semester 7th, teaching scheme is 0-0-4, with 4 credits worth of 150 marks (Out of 150 marks, 50 marks are to be given for Problem Definition. The college, through internal evaluation, will assess the Industry Defined problems, submitted by students during the first week of the seventh semester. The remaining 100 marks are for the practical exam, to be conducted by the University.)
  2. Semester 8th, teaching scheme for the project is 0-0-8 or 0-0-12 with 8 or 12 credits, depending upon the branch. During the 8th semester, the project will carry 400 marks.


*       The format for problem definition may be specified by dept. /college. The common form for the problem definition can be downloaded from GTU website. (Click here)

*   In the 8th Semester out of 400 marks 300 marks are for the practical exam by the University and 100 marks are for Internal Practical exam.

3)      Each final year Project will be a Major Project. It will be divided into two Semesters of work.


  1. Each defined project needs to be from Industry/Research organization/Govt.organization/socio-technical issues.
  2. Project identification should be based on “Shodh-Yatra” carried out by the students after completion of B.E Semester 6th Examination but before starting of the 7th Semester.
  3. Problem definition for the project needs to be submitted by every student in the first week of the 7th Semester to his/her college.
  4. Each definition will be evaluated in the beginning of the 7th semester itself by the College.
  5. Every College should send all the Problem Definitions in the specified format to GTU before 15th August, 2011.


You may contact your Udisha Club Co-ordinator/Faculty /Department/Principal or Chairman of your Sankul for arranging “Shodh-Yatra” to the industries.

Guidelines for the students:

1.    The students are required to identify their problem during the summer of 2011 and they are required to follow all the rules and instructions issued by department, for safety and other requirements.

2.      Each student or student group would work under the guidance of the Faculty from the College. In case any problem/other issue arises for the smooth progress of IDP discovery/Practical Training, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the Udisha Club Co-ordinator /Faculty /Department/Principal or Chairman of your Sankul.

3.       The students are required to submit the Problem Definition (in the specified format) to their Head of the Department in their College during the first week of the 7th semester.


FAQ for Final Year GTU Project Students:

  1. The final year project is divided into two semesters(7th & 8th) which should be based upon a real-life problem of an industry1.
  2. If a faculty member, using his experience, gives a problem to a student for his/ her final year project, the student can use the problem to write the IDP. However the IDP proposal, will have to be submitted in the required format.
  3. The students will scout for the Industry Defined Project(IDP) before commencement of the first semester of the final academic year. Within two weeks of commencement of academic session, the student will take review inputs from the faculty member, who is to be his Guide for the project. He will then submit a report on the problem to the HOD. The IDP is mandatory for all branches.
  4. The final year project will be designed to develop a better product or a better process.
  5. The number of students per group for a project has to be decided by the colleges.
  6. Any student can go to any industry in or outside his Sankul. (25 GTU Innovation Sankuls have been established across the State).
  7. The students can take inter-disciplinary projects during the final year after consultation with the corresponding Guide in respective colleges.
  8. The pre-final year students may seek the help of Udisha Club Patrons / Co-ordinators for assignment to an appropriate industry.
  9. The pre-final year students have to contact the corresponding Udisha Club Members and Departmental Coordinators of their college for any necessary assistance for scouting IDP. The Principals of the colleges are required to coordinate with Sankul Co-Chairman(Academic) for any assistance. The Sankul Co-Chairmen of each Sankul may have established linked with the industry clusters in the region.
  10. The students can choose an industry not mentioned in the list provided for reference by GTU Innovation Council.
  11. The students have to mention the name of the industry / source of the industry defined project while submitting the project definition immediately after commencement of the academic session during the first semester of the Final Year. (In some cases, the industry may jointly mentor and evaluate the progress of the project during the academic year).
  12. GTU Innovation Council will award for the best 3000 (1000 each in degree Engineering, Dip Engg and Masters) problems/project definitions.
  13. Those students who have already undergone the training or industrial visit can define a project definition from the respective industries, based on the training or industrial visit.


The detailed format for industry defined project scouting is posted at the GTU website. A Department may modify the format for all its students. The students will have to submit the problem / project definition to the concerned college in soft copy. The problem definition should have content as per the given guidelines including details of previous attempt to solve such problems / projects and the proposed ways to solve the problem / process by the concerned student or the team of students in particular college while developing it in his/her final year.


1For IT projects, if a student is able to complete the project work during the first semester, he/ she may apply to the HOD for permission to take an additional project during the second semester.

N.B.:- For any query please mail to gtu_innovation_council@gtu.edu.in


NOTE: This above information is copied from GTU Website in order to help GTU students. Sarvum Infotech is a recognized IT company based in Rajkot.  Feel free to contact us for any questions on procedure for Software Trainee job at Sarvum Infotech.  We hope you found this information useful.  All the best!



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